Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This text should have a specific font. It should only have that font.s

You see, the issue with formatting in Word is that Word sucks, and always will suck. ©
My opinion on the suckage of Word and all other Microsoft Office products can partially be traced to the fact that their older products are bloated, RAM-munching crap-fests. I prefer using OpenOffice, or, if possible, WordPad (the thing built into Windows.)
However, there is a newer version of Word, the newest, and though its features have moved around a great deal, leaving me, with my 90's-era knowledge of MSOffice in the dust, I must admit its XML-based files are much smaller than before. Perhaps it runs more quickly on top of this.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was feeling despondent on my last post, feeling like the internet has aged too much for me to really get at any Pete & Pete fan content. But how did I forget For the uninitiated, that is a site that lets you basically see any old web site that has long since gone the way of the spam-ad-ghost. I also remembered today Google Groups' practically unlimited archiving of Usenet, going back to the 1980's.

I now have way too many web sites to look through and analyze. I am feeling more than slightly overwhelmed, actually. I'm only on the 4th of 10 pages, and part of me was worried about how I could fill all of them-- now I have to figure out how to write them all in a cohesive manner. One page at a page, at a time.

Fans expressing their fandom for Artie and Little Pete.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pete and Pete Fan Community paper

This is proving harder than I first expected, because most of the content has to come from fan communities- and there barely are any, none which are active. The internet has had a long time now to age, and there are graveyards upon graveyards of abandoned communities and never-updated fan sites, which are kind of useless for getting my research questions answered by fans.

I found a livejournal account. That's good. But it doesn't seem terribly active. How am I to cull something that seems dead? It will take some creativity to tie this all together.